Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yo yo…

Yo my hommie, Its like 6am in the morning, 6 hours to my exam and while I am studying this song kept stucked to my head. So i thought i would like to share it with you guys.

And if you wanna do a sing along, no prob

Here are the lyrics.

Yo, uh, uh c'mon
*Verse 1*
I've been so lonely girl, I've been so sad and down
Couldn't understand why haters joked around
I wanted to be free with other creatures like me
And now I got my wish, cause I know that I'm a gay fish (gay fish)
(Gay fish Yo) mother fuckin' gay fish
(I'm a fish yo) goin' on a gay fish
(It's alright girl) makin' love to other gay fish
*Verse 2*
All those lonely nights at the grocery store
In the frozen fish aisle feelin' like a whore
Cause I wasn't being true
Even though everyone said that I had to make a switch
(Gay fish) now I know that I'm a gay fish (gay fish)
(Gay fish Yo) mother fuckin' gay fish
(I'm a fish yo) Goin' on a gay fish
(Now I'm where I belong girl) makin' love to other gay fish
*Verse 3 Rap*
I used to be scared, denying who I was
Acting straight but then going out to the gay fish clubs
Dancing with the Marlins making out with the all the Snappers
I'd take a Salmon home and work that Coddle Fin for hours
But now I'm out and I'm free to love what I want
Be it Yellow Fin or Bass or them trout in Vermont
I slapped that Holland ass, make that Grouper butt shake
I'll come to your house and have an orgy in your motherfuckin' fish tank (fish tank, fish tank)
Mother fuckin' gay fish
(I'm a fish yo) Goin' on a gay fish
(Yeah now I'm where I belong girl) makin' love to other gay fish
*Verse 4*
I really get around I'm the slut of the sea
When I say I've got crabs I mean it literally
I was eating dinner and just had to go down on that Mackerel on the dish
Cause I'm the gayest of the gay fish (gay fish)
Mother fuckin' gay fish
(I'm a fish yo) Goin' on a gay fish
Yeah now I'm where I belong girl
*Verse 5*
But I gotta settle down I can't be a whore
I ain't gonna just sleep with any fish no more
I've found me a lover, a brother who's a cross-dressing Cod named Trish
And together we are gay fish (gay fish)
(Gay fish yo) motherfuckin' gay fish
(I'm a fish yo) goin' on a gay fish
(Yeah, now I'm where I belong girl) makin' love to other gay fish
(Gay fish, gay fish, gay fish, gay fish, gay fish, gay fish...)

Cheers Gayfish!

Kanye motivated me to study more.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I lil late…

Hi guys, As i was browsing to my Received Folder for some past year papers, I happened to come across several pictures that was kinda meaningful to me, and well taken by Ben.


yeah Non other than my 21st Bday Picture. Thanks to every1 who made it possible.


*Clap* Clap *

Haha… to All my Engineering Mates and also Uni mates.. All the best for the coming finals! STUDY HARD!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Down Down Down…

Counting Down on my exam to come, while i slack my remaining days away. Had a not so good Tuesday, 3rd Steel Test was not that hard, but somehow i feel i did not do well.

Was it lack of preparation? maybe, maybe not.


A very delicious and spicy meal we had near Uni.

Anyway… we had a super fun BBQ party to celebrate’s Miss Veli’s 21st bday. So i would like to wish her a happy birthday. ALready so old, pls dun be childish. (LOL JK)

IMG_0019As i am writing this blog, ShuLing is chewing her snakes candy with her face facing me. She did all my dishes and also cleaned up the kitchen. thank you… on behalf of TK, TL and myself! haha


I dont seem to have a reason to write this post, but somehow i just feel like typing.

I am surprise How little things can upset me to the point that i feel life is dull and colourless. How true is it when you watch a movie or a show, when some one is sad, the film often goes black and white.

I had a chat with the most supportive person in the world to me. It is not like I just realize he is, he has always been there for me. When i am sad, down or whatever. He knows about my problem and without fail he has given me motivation to continue my life to the fullest.

1 word he used alot during our chat not too long ago. “Courage”. Have you guys ever feel like something bad has happened and you just feel like giving up?

Have you guys started a game of chess and when you are into a few bad moves, and all you want is to restart the game?

Well guys, Thats just not how you should go with your life. At least that is what i think. I know, i too have the feeling of just having a fresh start. Does that mean i have to die and get reborn or something? We must have the courage to face whatever that has to come.

This again reminds me of the phrase He often Say,

May we have the “courage” to change what can be changed,

The patience to endure what cannot be changed,

And the wisdom to know the difference"

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Car Wash…

Hi guys its been awhile, 1 month to be exact.

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers!!!

I would like to thank my Mom for all that she has done for me, and I can never say enough but ThankYou Mom!

Now back to my topic, Car wash…

Well its just something random when we saw Mrs Veli washing her car, we all decided that we should too clean up our cars, so me and tionglim got our lazy asses out and started cleaning. ShuLing helped me with cleaning the windows, while i clean the body of the car.

Here are some photos.

DSC03472 ShuLing…

DSC03474 Tk and Veli,

DSC03476 TiongLim

DSC03478 Tk and Veli Again..

DSC03479 Shuling Again..

DSC03484 TiongLim Again..DSC03487 Every1 doing their jobDSC03488 Take a look at the sky

DSC03493 Shuling and I

DSC03497 Posing AGAIN?? ahha

DSC03501 and again…. ahha

Okay enough of car wash.

After car wash, we quickly wash up and head over the the drive in cinema.

Something really interesting that I have yet to see in Malaysia.

Its basically a cinema, but instead of parking your car at the parking lot and sit in the cinema, your car get to come with you. So what you do is you park on the bumps that are made, and basically just chill and watch through your windscreen while the movie is projected on a big screen.

Good thing i just had my windscreen clean. haha.

The movie that was aired had my fav actor nicholas cage in it. Its non other than “Knowing”


To have a quick review on this movie. Its a movie where u cant do without nicholas cage, however the ending was something too “extreme” in my opinion, as i am not really a believer of christian, (no offence) but it just sound so much like something that would be told on a bible.

Verdict, 2 out of 5 quite a disappointment for a nicholas cage show.

After the movie ended, we head over to our friendly neighbourhood’s car which coincidentally happened to be Tk and Veli… haha, Veli brought over some homemade dimsum which is absolutely enak gila.(ENAK GILA = 好吃神经病) and best of all, we even have tea to go with the dimsum.

After a quick refreshment, the 2nd movie started, and we quickly headback to our seats (our own car) and continue on with the movie.

The 2nd movie was crap so shuling and I decided to cut it short and head home. A very productive day i would say!

OKay time for me to check out for today Ciaoz!

Friday, March 27, 2009

My First Review <HTC Touch Pro Vs Iphone 3G>

Hi everyone,its been awhile and I am not too sure who actually still remember the URL to this Blog, so anyway I am here today doing what all gadget geeks love to do, discuss about gadgets. Well I think i am at least qualify to be a gadget geek since i love gadgets, and i am proud to say that i am lucky enough to have actually play with some of them. Well anyway lets get back to our main topic today.

So Its the Iphone 3G that we are talking about here, going against HTC Touch Pro.

First up lets have all have a close up look at each of the devices and also its packaging.




Here is The Iphone that I am holding,


And ofcourse the HTC Touch Pro


Okay without me elaborating too much, I am pretty sure you guys have at least seen Iphone somehow somewhere before.

As for the Touch Pro, its more of a (I know) or (whats that) Kind of thing.

So Lets First talk about the design of both devices.

Iphone, a Bar-designed phone with capacitive touch screen. A huge screen ( check the spec sheet for exact mesurement) and a very sleek white back cover


As for the Touch Pro, also a Bar designed phone but with a slide out QWERTY  and a elegant and clean front design.

now lets do the comparison, Iphone has a much bigger screen, which is a plus, take a look at the picture comparison.CIMG0368

But HTC has a slide out full QWERTY keyboard which beats Iphone’s tocuh screen keyboard.

Both have almost the same resolution which makes the HTC Touch pro has a higher pixel per inch on its screen and hence the sharper picture quality.

However Iphone does have a very sensitive capacitive touch screen Which i would very much like on any device, but this technology has deter the phone’s ability to write on the its touch screen.

So all in all, I would say HTC Touch Pro wins in this first comparison, with its fine screen and most importantly the keyboard that allows me to type at a speed that i could only dream off doing on iphone.

HTC TOUCH PRO 1  -  Iphone 0

Okay next up, lets talk about Battery, a very important aspect for a heavy user like me. Htc Touch Pro has proven itself to possess one of the strongest and longest lasting battery life as compared to 98% of all the other windows mobile base devices. However, this is not match to the Iphone’s battery life when put into use. I was able to squeeze out 1 full day of intensive use on the iphone, constanly having music playing on the background, downloading apps, talking on the phone as well as entertaining myself with some cool games that are available for free on the app store.


a quick comparison at their tickness, Iphone is better! slimmer!

Summary on this part is

HTC TOUCH PRO 1 -  Iphone 1

As an engineering student, we always do checkings on serviceability, Let me explain to you what serviceability means.

Well its very simply, Lets imagine we design a bridge that is suppose to be able to carry 10 person. Carrying 10 person alone is not enough in order the satisfy its serviceability, the bridge must not sag too much till it scares people away from crossing it. So basically what i am saying is, Both devices has 3G on it, But which is more practical in the real world, which is worth having. Well, after several days with the iphone and almost 6 months with my Touch Pro, i am sad to say that, with all its glamour and shouting by Apple about its device, It still falls back to its 3.6mb HSDPA speed as compared to the high speed of 7.2mb HSDPA that a touch pro can provide. Constant email downloading alone is enough to make you go crazy when you are on an iphone. Htc touch pro on the other hand can do this very well.



App store has been one of the bigest success with Apple, i couldnt agree more. Its so easy to just browse thru a list of apps, and just randomly pick up a few to play with. As compared to WINMO devices, Searching thru the net alone is enough to make you go mad.CIMG0380


I can go on forever about this, but there is no point in doing so, Both Iphone and HTC touch Pro are one of the best devices available on the market and I would say they are both good, but not perfect.

There is no clear cut answer as to which device any1 should pick.

But to conclude today’s review, i would like to share with you the device that is most suitable for me. Its non other than the HTC Touch Pro. I have been on this phone for almost 6 months, and i have recently (playfully) got myself a 16gb Iphone to try out. part of me is really curious about the fuss on Iphone. after a week of using it, I am glad to say that Htc is still the phone to beat for me.

Well Lets see, I cant stand the fact that I could not multi task on Iphone. When i am on the move, i would like to have my msn messenger on, checking thru my emails, and even doing some simple surfin over the net. Iphone does not only limit its user to 1 task at a time, its 3G speed is still far below what Touch Pro could offer. Aside from that, I value my typing experience ALOT! Yes i am a person with practically no life, and all i do is type on my phone. And Htc is by far the only device i have to be able to satisfy my need on this part. Lastly, as many of you know i study in UWA, which is basically a close to dead zone for 3mobile’s signal. Htc could barely catch any signals, but making calls by forcing the device to GSM mode is possible. This is however impossible to do with an iphone. I couldnt use my phone in many areas and it even loses signal when i am home sometimes. No offence to my buddies back in msia, but you guys will not experience this probably because Malaysia is still using GSM in Most places, but not in Aussie when u are with 3mobile. Where 3G is the Main band that you use.

Thus, I will be letting go the highly Rated Iphone and will be keeping my HTC for my everyday use.


bye bye white apple.

I hope my Review will help some of you to make your decision as to which device is more suitable for you. Be it the Iphone 3G or HTC touch Pro, they both are excellent devices!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friends…. (Part0.8)

I have always been a loyal follower to the comedy series Friends. It never fails to put a smile to my face, and I never find it boring even after watching the repeat of it over and over again. However it is not only the jokes and pranks but also the very idea of having a bunch of Friends enjoying each other’s company.

Aside from my family, Friends are the next most important things that i have. So let me introduce you to the people, that i would call….. FRIENDS… ( before i start, pls let me appologize for not being able to post up every1 of my friends here, as for today’s blog its only for my malaysia gang.)

To kick start my friends list…. (do note, i do not rank you guys in the way i list below. so please dont be too sensitive about who comes first)

I would like to introduce you to Ker Chwing. ( ladies frist maH)


Well Kerchwing is one of my Best Cousin/friends.

We share almost everything and KerChwing is very very bright student. I could still remember the days when i am struggling in my studies. Passing chemistry or add maths seems to be an impossible task for me. However KC her never gave up hope in me, being the patient girl she is, she taught me how to solve my quadratics, she explains the me the chemical processes which I must admit i did not understand them till now. Not because of her, but because of my lack of intelligence ( i guess).

The final exam came, i didnt do exceptionally well, but i did get grades which allows me to further my studies. I am proud to say that i have got better over the years, I have achieve grades that i have only dream of when i was in highschool. and all of this is ofcourse due to the fact that i have a solid foundation which Kerchwing has helped me to build. So i am really thankful to have a cousin/friend which is so generous in everyway to help me through my difficult times.

Next Up, KokLeong….


Well i could best describe KokLeong as a CB,

whatever you guys think it is, ITS NOT!

CB simply means Cousin’s Boyfriend. And yes this CB here is KerChwing’s Beloved boyfriend.

As a friend i think Kokleong is alright. always Trying very hard to be funny, but not as funny as me…. (haha)

Kokleong is a very cheerful person. You could almost be certain to see a smile on his face everytime you see him. and that is what i find so special about him. I wish i could be like him, put my worries to a side and just enjoy.

Aside from that, Kokleong is also a very ambitious person in a good way ofcourse. I could argue with him about RISK related to Business and we could be there the whole night. It might be a rough guess from me, but I have this Idea that one day I will see Kokleong being a rich business man in his suit and tie trying to offer me a shit load of money to be his janitor. ( but to kokleong, i am sorry, i believe in my own capability and i do not need to be your janitor to get paid)

Lastly on a side note, KokLeong must have been the most understanding boyfriend i have seen among my friends. always giving ways to spoil my cousin kerchwing,. So Kerchwing pls dun bully him so much already okay? hehe jkjk!

Wow, this must have been the longest Post for my blog. Lets not stop this Streak!

The next duo that i would like to introduce are my highschool buddies. Jackson and Allen.


How could i ever go through highschool without them….

Firstly Allen, since his name starts with the letter A


Well i am sure many of you who knows allen, KNOWS allen. What i am saying is that Allen is really one of a kind. Me and allen go way way back when we both enter WMS as new students in Form2.

We started off as enemies when he would throw my pencil box around while i toss his bag into the roof of the school, but it didnt take long before we became best buds… with no particular reason at all.

There were literally millions of inside jokes that i could share with allen that no1 else could understand when we laugh our ass off… and sometimes allen might seem to be abit *CrazY* (forgive me for using this word) i still believe a big part of him is nice.

Allen, i have known u for ages, and we are turning 21 very soon. i hope you will just drop the crazy level a notch and be the nice allen that i think u are!

Now jackson… haha


cant actually remember when i first met jackson but it was definitely not long after i know allen. We started off as soccer buddies, still remember the fevernova u made?? haha…

Well jackson is a very very nice friends. always being considerate and helpful. I could always see him giving advices to the playful allen and trying to get him out of trouble.

Together with jackson allen and arun, 3W was made famous. The number of crazy stuff was uncountable. The times we visited the principle’s office was also uncountable.

However jackson is now a gentleman, so girls dun lose out while he is still single.

BTW just a lil fact for you guys….

Question: who is jackson’s Favourite Highschool Teacher?

Answer: non other than Mr Suresh!

OK BoonHong is coming next.


BoonHong aka Boon first came into the money sucking WMS in Form4 and he was sitting beside me. So other than KokLeong i believe i am his first friend in WMS?

anyway we quickly became good friends through the game dota.

BoonHong has a very special personality. Whenever in War ( i mean dota WAR) he was the sole survivor when our team get GB. because his theory was to RUN FIRST! haha Well that wasnt actually a bad theory as Boon manage to survive longer and protect our HOLY TOWER before we get owned again…

Me and boon became best pal when we attended college together In the super class S2 when i met many other nice friends like JianHung, Wenyang and Yiheng!

Boon’s fav animal is panda, and he boon’s fav girl is SB!


Wow, the post has gone insanely long, i think i should make another part 2 of it sometime soon, anyway more to come…

Part 2 will include my kajang gay buddy Chenghaw AKA poker pro, fusbal pro, dota pro.

and many moree… so stay tune guys!


Ps this is me, with my sense of achievement for writting such a long and boring post! Cheers GUys!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Life so far…. again…

okay Its been like 3weeks ++ since I landed back to my home country and alot has been happening.

Christmas was just around the corner when I came back, and as you all know, New Year is not far away.

Well i cant actually remember what i did for christmas, except for the visit to The Gardens near mid valley. We had this taiwan food which I thought was quite good.


As for New Year, we had a small little tiny celebration at boon’s house, but dont get me wrong, it was a BLAST!

We did nothing but sit around and chat the whole nite. Plus a little bit of gambling which I was not involved in as gambling is BAD!! haha trust me. I Dont game except for days which ends if “Y”..

anyway here are some of the photos

photo of 4 gays sitting on me




ok thats all for now, cya!